Fun fact, my first word was "dog"! I have bachelor's degree in Psychology with a heavy emphasis on Behavior Analysis and Behavior Modification. I have a Master of Science degree in School Counseling. While neither of my degrees are in animal sciences, both of my programs heavily covered behavior theory and technique. While in graduate school, I studied and wrote papers about the psychological and physiological benefits that our relationship with our dog has on our health. I hope to use my education and 20+ years of dog ownership experience to help others. My educational-professional goal is to use a therapy dog in the field of school counseling to help students feel more comfortable, supported, and unconditionally loved. My other passions are plants, hiking, and being in nature.



Fun Fact about me:  I named all of our dogs after Star Wars characters, and our business name came from my favorite science fiction book!  Like most dog trainers, I grew up around dogs and have 30+ years of ownership experience. I have always had a connection with dogs, and historically have found joy in training. Volunteering with Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno helped push to me decide to begin a training business with an emphasis on scientifically backed training methods. With the help of Katelin, we want to create a training style and brand that is customized to each specific dog and owner so that we can help you develop a strong bond that will help in any situation.



14 Yr Cattle Dog Mix

I have had Han since he was 8 weeks old. Adopted from Valley Oak Animal Shelter in Visalia.  He's smart, energentic even at 14 years old, and about as grumpy as an old man can get!


4 Year old Border Collie/White Sheperd Mix

We got Leia as a 9 month old rescue from Bandit's Buddies rescue located in Clovis.  She is insanely smart and you may meet her as a part of our training! Leia helps us work with dogs on leash practice distractions and to help desensitize reactivity.


3 Yr Miniature Dachshund Mix

We adopted Kylo from the Valley Animal Haven in Lemoore.  Kylo was rescued from a terrible l hoarding situation and was terrified of people, especially men.  It has taken 1.5 years, but Kylo is able to go on walks pat people and even be picked up.  He has been the hardest dog to train, but everyday he gains more confidence, and that makes all the work worth it.


2 Year old Chihuahua

We rescued Rey in February 2019. She was found as a stray, and she's our foster-fail! She is very smart and loves to do tricks and play with the other dogs.